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Bike-park Bukovel

After visiting by employees BP "Bukovel" of international resort "Vistler" (Canada) and the conclusions of the contract « about intentions », to Ukraine for development of a breadboard model and product of settlement works director of the company "Gravity Logic" Tom Pro has arrived.

He had been developed a breadboard model of three bike-rounds a various level of complexity by the general extent about 11 km., and the plan of works for 2008 including construction two bike-rounds, the general extent about 8,5 km.

08.07.08-20 employees ТК "Bukovel" under the direction of Tom Pro and Jaroslav Lukan, director and the founder of байк-park in Czechia have begun works on construction of the first line, for beginners, extent about 3600 meters.

On construction of the second line, the raised complexity, for performance works on a ground and elements, Steve Pit ("Gravity Logic") was involved.

The line in №2 length of 2750 meters is intended for increase of technics of driving, has more than 70 turns, 10 small bridges. Average time of descent of 6 minutes 40 sек.

The line in №3 length of 2500 meters is intended for riders which class of driving is above the average, has a plenty of abrupt turns on 180 degrees, bridges and complex figures. Construction of two lines is only first steps to creation of the best bike-park in Europe.

ТК "Bukovel" and "Gravity Logic" will continue the cooperation in 2009 year.

map of Bike-Park Bukovel.
Are at present negotiated with company Kona Bikes for ocurrence of bike-park "Bukovel" in the international network of parks "Kona".

трасса №1
  • Красная трасса (средний уровень сложности);
  • длина трассы: 3600 метров;
  • средняя ширина трассы: 2 метра;
  • средний угол наклона трассы: 10,3 градуса;
  • поверхность трассы: природные минеральные грунты, деревянные мосты;
  • строительство с помощью экскаватора, начнется в 2009 году.
трасса №2
  • Голубая трасса (средний уровень сложности);
  • длина трассы: 2750 метров;
  • средняя ширина трассы: 1 метр;
  • средний угол наклона трассы: 9,8 градуса;
  • поверхность трассы: природные минеральные грунты, деревянные мосты (13 шт.).
трасса №3
  • Черная трасса (повышенного уровня сложности);
  • длина трассы: 2500 метров;
  • средняя ширина трассы: 0,75 метра;
  • средний угол наклона трассы: 10 градусов;
  • поверхность трассы: природные минеральные грунты, деревянные мосты, фигуры "wallride","waveride","downhill jump".

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