Rest in Carpathian mount: +38 067 352 00 25 495999257



  • Asphalt - 2,50 hrn/km;
  • Impassability - 4,50 hrn/km.

  • Fastenings for snowboards;
  • Capacity - 6 person.

Volkswagen Transporter

  • Asphalt - 2,50 hrn/km.
  • Hour of idle time - 10 hrn. (details are specified in each concrete case)

  • Fastenings for bicycles;
  • Capacity - 9 person.

Automobiles are in Ivano-Frankivsk, at desire can take away persons from other cities.

For the advanced order of service, behind the additional information address:

  • 8-0972997688
  • 8-0937792039
  • ICQ 389-843-558
  • mail

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