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Experts mark, that Ukraine today feels necessity not only of high quality hotels, but also hotels of average and a эконом-category. Development of this segment becomes especially actual before EURO - 2012 as a significant amount of fans which will visit our country, will be interested in time residing with granting necessary services for a floor price. Accommodation of an economy class offer хостелы – hotels or the bases of rest focused first of all on youth. The Хостел-movement existing in Europe almost of 100 years, has come to us four years ago. Today in Ukraine it is totaled almost two ten such hotels of the various capacity registered in Всеукраинской youth хостел of association (ВМХА).

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Under information ВМХА, the floor price of accommodation in Ukrainian хостеле makes 30 грн for a place (Алушта, a low season). In capital cost of one place changes from 55 грн in хостеле "Выдубичи" (180 places) up to 110 грн – in хостеле "Kiev" (50 places), located in city centre. The average price on regions makes 70-80 грн for a place. Minimally necessary set of services enters into this sum for residing, and all additional – the bar, a dining room, the Internet, the fitness - center, a training hall or pool – are given, as a rule, at additional expense.

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Numbers in хостелах are designed for accommodation from 2 up to 7 person (convenience in number or the block). For tourist groups some of them offer rooms on 10-20 places (convenience in a corridor). As a rule, for men and women the separate settlement though it is possible to meet and rooms "mix", convenient for the mixed companies is provided. Хостел usually hands over to visitors not numbers, and places in them. The basic clients of youth hotels – independently travelling people of 25-30 years though among visitors quite often meet both students, and pensioners. The main difference хостела from any other hotel is his(its) informal sincere atmosphere, an opportunity of free dialogue.

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Use of international brand IYHF with the purpose of promotion of the youth hotel demands conformity to the minimal standards of accommodation. For example, in bedrooms on one person should have not less than 5 cube. M. The minimal size of beds (usual or two-level) makes 80х190 sm, and distance between them – not less than 75 see. On 12 person it is necessary to provide even one toilet, on 6 person – one bowl, on 15 person – душевую or a bath. Constant presence in хостеле hot and cold water is obligatory. Besides in such hotel the general kitchen(cuisine) with all necessary, and also a computer connected to the Internet is necessary

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