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Style of a house depends on temperament of the owner. But the house for any person is such place where to it(him) it is comfortable where it(he) can feel like easy where it(he) can work or relax with concentration.
The choice of style of a house is very important, as on this choice will depend not only your mood and a sincere condition, but also desire to work, comfort and convenience of your life.

шале во Франции. шале во Франции. шале во Франции. шале во Франции. 

Style "шале" was perfected by centuries and today is the most desirable type of elite habitation. Growing interest to this style speaks not only a fashion. At шале from all modern elite constructions the most rational lay-out and besides they are ideally entered in modern suburb. Comfortable шале meets the requirements of everyone who to aspire to conduct a healthy way of life. That is why once this style has lodged and in city apartments and country houses, including the advanced urbanistic buildings.

Initially Alpine шале is the dwelling reliably constructed from a massive bar which should protect from a bad weather in mountains. Distinctive feature шале is the roof which acts on one and a half meter above perimeter of a house that allows to protect the base from намокания. And during the winter period to keep a snow that gives extraordinary beauty and guarantees additional heat under a roof of your house. Besides you should not clean a path from a snow around шале as the roof gives a canopy from a snow.

шале в Австрии. шале в Австрии. шале в Австрии. шале в Австрии. 

Style шале in an interior differs almost full absence of hi-tech metal and a different sort of excesses. The decor шале is based on the Alpine motives. Fireplaces - easy, graceful. Technologies of construction шале combine a wide experience савойцев and modern innovations that allows to reach(achieve) maximal reliability and functionality of the Alpine house. All begins with special preparations of a building natural material which allows to combine high ecological compatibility and aesthetic appeal. As the result is a house which "breathes". And the unusual system of internal and external illumination transforms шале into present(true) "fairy tale" from Савоя.

Шале is not simply architectural style and not simply usual house. Шале will consist of a rich history of the Alpine mountains and unique traditions савойцев. To live in шале - means to breathe air of a coniferous wood as build it(him) from special coniferous сруба and a stone. To receive visitors in the шале - means to be all together and to not prevent each other as the organization of internal space шале is unique. In шале those who to aspire to create for itself live dwelling - has protected, capable to protect not only from severe unpredictability of our climate, but also from stresses constantly tormenting us.

шале в Италии. шале в Германии. шале в Германии. шале в Германии. 

Style шале is a simplicity and calmness, is warm also a cosiness, reasonableness of details. It(him) true judges of traditions and choose qualities, is not dependent on religious beliefs and cultural values. Special colour and an atmosphere is given with elements traditional савойского a life. Coffee of "friendship" in wooden гроллах, unique савойские cheeses, граппа and certainly, unsurpassed French wines.

At home as people. Are strict, cheerful, severe, delapidated, and even worthless. Everyone шале is an exclusive individual house which has the especial internal maintenance(contents), with the character, power, soul, music. Having stayed in шале even there is some time, you start to reflect, as far as it is important to live in the house which atmosphere has to a relaxation, to calmness and sincere comfort. In шале there live people hospitable, careful, intelligent, possessing the refined taste.

шале ТРУТЕНЬ в Ворохте. шале ТРУТЕНЬ в Ворохте. шале ТРУТЕНЬ в Ворохте. шале ТРУТЕНЬ в Ворохте. 

The cosiness and comfort of houses of style шале have grown fond of all subsequent generations of their inhabitants, having kept interiors and having added to their necessary things of the modern world. So completely original style - " style шале ", style of a traditional Alpine house was generated.

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