How do supermarkets convince you to buy involuntarily?

How do supermarkets convince you to buy involuntarily?

How do supermarkets convince you to buy involuntarily?

There are many tricks that stores use to influence you in order to push you to buy more. When you enter a store, you are under great involuntary pressure to buy, and we often hear from some people that whenever I go to that store, I buy more things than I expected.

Let’s learn about some of these tricks.

1. The design of the place

We always find that the basic commodities that one of us goes to buy regularly are located as far as possible in the store, so that we pass through various types of merchandise such as snacks, appetizers, fruits, crackers, sweets, and many more.

Kids are also aggressively targeted because they can pressure parents hard to buy. For example, we find that all boxes of popular breakfast cereals are located on shelves that are at eye level of the child who usually sits in the shopping cart. Of course, this type of merchandise is full of colorful stickers and cartoon shapes to attract children’s attention.

2. Promotional leaflets

The store may target those who are overweight, or those who follow a certain diet, in many ways, including distributing flyers for food recipes written in bold “healthy” or “diet”. This, of course, leads to problems for such people because they are forced to buy and eat large quantities, although they are healthy, but they may clearly affect their diet and diet. As if the stores say that these people love to eat by nature, so why not play on this sensitive chord?

3. Shopping cart

In some stores, the shopping cart is divided into two sections, one of which is for fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products only. This leads consumers subconsciously to increase their purchase share of these products, especially fruits and vegetables.

Psychology explains this point, as the idea of ​​having a shopping cart in this way indicates the existence of a certain social pattern that these consumers try to keep up with and adhere to.

4. Perfumes in the air

The latest technology that is currently being used to influence the consumer towards spending more is about diffusing a wonderful fragrance in the air of the store. The choice of this perfume is not done randomly, but the type of perfume is chosen according to the type of products in the store, until there are companies dedicated to choosing the appropriate type of perfume.

This is due to studies conducted by researchers indicating that the sense of smell has a significant impact on the behavior of buyers.

5. Reducing prices

It is one of the most prominent and important means used to influence the consumer. Who among them can resist the temptation of a commodity of a lower price.

Often, this price reduction is made on products that are characterized by a relatively slow selling rate, or whose profit margin for the store is large. The store can waive part of the profit for each piece of the product, and compensate for it by increasing the quantities sold.

6. Display space

The store can focus your subconscious mind towards a specific product by providing more space for it to be displayed on the shelves, or between the aisles, while placing it in a distinctive format that attracts attention.

And not only space, but also repetition is an important factor in attracting attention. Sometimes we find the store displaying the same product in more than one place as a kind of insistence on alerting you to it, so that you are forced to buy it.


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